cat mom


I'm Hiba.
It's nice to meet you!

I got my first camera at the age of 14. My dad used to be a photographer by hobby, and thanks to that, my sister and I have endless photo albums from our childhood.

At the time, my main goal for this camera was to take decent photos of everything including myself because apparently nobody - my dad mainly - knew my good angles.

But then it sparked a love I didn't know I had; capturing people and feelings brought me so much joy. I might take a photo of you and run to you to show you exactly how gorgeous and amazing you look, because I want you to love yourself and know how proud I am of whatever it is you allowed me to capture. 

Cat mom - her name is Anola

I speak 4 languages: English, Amazigh, French, Arabic and some Mandarin. Duolingo is my friend!

From Morocco

Loves travel and adventure

Archery is one of my hobbies

I have this huge birth mark down my leg that got me into a lot of bullying as a kid. Many suggested to remove it but I grew to love it because it is a part of me. One day someone told me if I get a tattoo on my leg, all I needed to do was to add branches and it would look like plum flowers on a branch.
I didn't want to use my name for my LLC when I started photography. Instead, I choose something I identified with and that represented me. And Plumflower Photography was born!

So where did plumflower photography come from?

want to work with me?

you seem awesome! let's do this!